Oct 29, 2010

"You do not know the day nor the hour..."

Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour.

This scripture verse has come to my mind so many times over the past two weeks.  I'm currently 38-39 weeks pregnant and waiting for our little Peter's arrival.  Last Tuesday at my appointment, my doctor said we would plan to break my water on the 29th (today) and let that get labor started.  I planned out every aspect of October 29th.  Who the kids were going to be with, bags packed for each of them with every detail they might/could need.  I'd even written up typical schedules, meal plans, prayers, bedtime routines for each of the children.  I had a list of things I needed to do to prepare (cleaning, organizing, laundry, etc.)...it was all going according to plan!

Then I saw my doctor this week and I had not progressed as much as she thought I would have.  I'm currently 4-5 cm and 100% effaced.  I have to be 6+ cm in order to start labor through breaking my water. So...all plans went out the window!  I'm back to timing contractions...wondering if "this is it", trying to enjoy the little moments of my three little toddlers, feeling exhausted, short of patience, and attempting to keep a house that is neat enough so that when I do go into labor whomever comes over won't fall across our doorstep in shock at the state of our house!

At first I told God how unfair it was that we women have NO idea when this special event of a birth of a new soul into the world will take place.  I can understand that with your first...  But when you have three other toddlers you have to find a sitter for...try and plan everything for them to be comfortable during your 2-day stay in the hospital...meals, clothes, diapers on hand and a million other "little" things!  

Then the scripture above ran through my head and it struck me...how am I preparing for eternity?!  Am I putting as much effort daily into preparation for all eternity as I am for all the various aspects of this birth?  I do not know the day, nor the hour that Peter will arrive, so I spend each second planning/preparing for that unexpected moment in time when it will be the moment to go...what about that moment when it will be "time to go" into eternity with God?  How am I planning for that?  Do I use each day...each second...to further prepare myself and those around me for that great and wonderful event?  

This time waiting for Peter has helped me see how much of a failure I've been in truly living each day as if it were my last.  I pray that this is a lesson I remember and take seriously each day as I continue to live my life, preparing for that awesome moment when I will be born into eternity with my Lord.


Ginny said...

Christen, this is such a beautiful reflection and such a timely reminder. We never really do know what will come, do we? It's a reminder to live each moment intentionally and joyfully.

P.S. I'm in awe of how you do it all. You go, girl!

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